For more than 125 years we are proud of being one of the top companies in the field of historic preservation in the western part of Germany. Our team is highly experienced in using the techniques of contemporary preservation. A trustful cooperation with our customers contributes to our desire for preserving the witnesses of the past. For that matter we use the expertise which we have gained in many preservation projects.
Billerbeck's cathedral tower after restoration
Balustrade - Restaurierte Balustrade in Nottuln
Sculpture - preliminary work with compressed air
Cathedral of Münster - Restoration of the towers
Window cross - Working with plumb at a church in Wuppertal
Figure Schloss Anholt
Profiles - Profiles are produced in the workshop
Pillar - Restoration of the church in Velen
Decorative element - Fine work with the chisel
Portal - Portal with sculptural elements of the church Nottuln
Window element - Production with the compressed air chisel
Cornices - Exchange of decorative cornices on a buttress
Detail arch construction
Joints and anchors
Filigree gothic work
Radfenster - Rekonstruktion eines Radfensters